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Marketing Strategy

learn how to market your business authentically

with Haley Mills


The suggested number of clicks it takes to navigate and search for information should be no more than three.

Meet Haley

Founder and Creative Director

I'm well versed in the challenges that come with running a small business and I want to make your to-do list shorter! 

My overarching goal is to provide your customer with the exact experience they are looking for when they approach your business.


I'm a Cleveland native with 7 years of experience in social media and content marketing. When I'm not working in marketing, I'm exploring Cleveland for The Cleveland Bucket List or hanging out with my dogs, Cooper & Erie.

What I Specialize In

Process Development

Social Media Consulting

Brand Optimization

Haley has not only helped us gain exposure but really helped us grow our brand as a local Cleveland company. Our goal is always to let people have fun with our products and build a fun experience for people! Haley (through TCBL) has been instrumental in connecting us with people seeking desserts in a fun way.

Force Sports & Force Soccer Studios has hired H marketing to help provide a consistent social media & email marketing campaign to attract new customers. We were searching for help keeping up with a consistent strategy and Haley provided the tools necessary to empower us.

- Drew Greathouse

Force Sports

Working with Haley has led to great growth for Anne Cate. We have worked with Haley on several projects and each one has converted following and sales. Our last giveaway with TBCL led to over 200 new followers. Haley’s following and content is truly organic and original and her passion for helping the Cleveland small business community is incredible.

- Anne Skoch

Anne Cate

Let’s Sell Your Product!




As the powerhouse behind The Cleveland Bucket List, the TCBL feed is the best place to get a feel for my marketing experience + abilities.