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Bring a Person-factor to Your Brand

Ok, I neeeeed to start out confessing something to you. My first job out of college left me terrified to put a face to the social media account I was running. I was in constant fear once people knew who was running it, it would completely change their opinion of the brand.

I'm not kidding. I legitimately wouldn't tell people my full position when I met them because I didn't want "word" to get around that I was the one doing social media for this local brewery.

Please, tell me how insane that sounds. I was sooooo caught up in the way that I interacted with different brands based on who did/didn't endorse them that I got way too wrapped up in all of it. I even had opinions of local bloggers/influencers/what-have-you, and would/wouldn't do things because of what they were doing. I hate admitting that. HATE it. but it feels good to have that off my chest.

I'm obsessed with brands that bring a "person-factor" to their social media. It's inherent that we are more likely to trust a brand when we see the face behind the brand. Seriously. When we realize its people just like us who are out there hustling away - we totally want to support the cause. We want to buy in. As a business owner that's exactly what you want. Isn't it?!

Now, again, here I am admitting something... I 100% understand not wanting to be the face of your brand. Starting a brand is scary!!! Giving your face over to the brand so that people might see you somewhere and know you is scary!! I went a year and some 2,000 followers before I gave my ~brand~ a face on social media. I also spent no less than one month deciding what picture to (what I anticipated) break the internet with. I didn't break the internet. I didn't even break my following. I gave people a face to see when I post about a new local business. A face to pick out of the crowd when I ask them to meet me in a crowded coffee shop. It was hard and it was scary but it was WORTH IT. Let me please point out that the brand I am talking about is The Cleveland Bucket List and not H Marketing - because I always knew I wanted H Marketing to be ME, but something soooo consumer-focused like TCBL is a lot harder to walk out from behind.

See my announcement below:

Hi 👋🏻 I’m Haley and I’m the face (+ some friends) behind The Cleveland Bucket List. I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland but moved away for college (#goknights). When I moved back I searched for something I could share with my college friends to convince them to visit me in Cleveland, but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. Enter TCBL! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many amazing people through TCBL & I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. If you see me around, say hi!

Giving your brand a face does your brand good by:

1.) Upgrading the level of trust consumers have in your brand.

2.) Helping your company stand out - there's only one of you!!

3.) Offering a real person to give your brand a story.

Now this "person" doesn't have to be the owner. It can surely be a trusty follower, a loyal employee, a spouse, a friend. You just need to give your brand a personality. Let people connect with this spokesperson. Utilize your network!

Let 2019 be the year we learn from our old habits and grow out of them. I've become far more confident than I once was (I still have a long way to go), and that translated to me (finally) giving my brand a face. We can do this together! I'm available to help you capture your ~person-factor~ in writing and in pictures!

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