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Getting Started

The hardest part of any new endeavor is getting started. Heck, figuring out what to make this blog post about was hard. It is so easy for us to come up with excuses as to why we shouldn't do something. Why we can't do something. Why it's better done later.

I am here to tell you to stop that. Today is the time, now is the time. Let's forget the excuses.

I've been making excuses for weeks about why I shouldn't reach out to a lead, mainly because I was afraid she would say no. SO WHAT! If she says no, I move on... but if she says yes, I've open a whole new door of opportunities. Why is that so hard to see in the moment? (I sent the email today, by the way.)

If you're scared about growing your business, unsure if you business is worthy of growth, or nervous about what growth brings, that's totally ok. Those ideas shouldn't stop you - being nervous means you are invested and that's the first step to turning a small passion project into a legitimate side hustle or business.

All of the creators I've met with thus far have said it was scary to start but they are so glad they did. The first step is the hardest, but we can take it together. Please, I've been there! I've quit a job, found a new job, started a side hustle, and started H Marketing all in the last 9 months. I dragged my feet all across Cleveland about starting this website. Writing this blog - making an Instagram, giving my brand a face. I am SO inspired but all of the creators out there working hard to make their business successful, even when they are nervous & scared.

I find it helpful to outline some of the things I'm thinking about when I'm in a "creative" mood. I keep a running list of prompts I think might be interesting blogs and I refer back to that list when I need some inspiration.

I also love to meet with other creators and business owners. Sometimes a conversation with another person really gets ideas flowing. I had a great conversation with a new connect last week about Instagram Aesthetic and making your page look cohesive (but authentic) and I think it'll make for a great blog in the coming weeks. Just chatting with her re-inspired me for the week ahead and I got a lot accomplished. I'm always willing to meet whether it be for business or just to chat.

I also like to get inspired by news content. I stay up to date with The Morning Brew and The Skimm.

All in all, it's important to realize that we aren't going to be ON everyday. Some days are easier than others but preparing for the harder days can help. Take excuses out of the equation and see where you end up.

Take the first step today and reach out to me. Let's see what we can accomplish together!

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