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Using LinkedIn to Find a Job Post Grad

I wish I would have understood LinkedIn better before I found a job. It is such a great tool for finding a job and I completely underutilized it. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things I think college students can do to improve their LinkedIn and their chances of finding a job through LinkedIn.

Number One

LinkedIn is not a resume. It should not read like a resume. LinkedIn is a place to make your resume come alive. Use your writing skills to highlight exactly what you accomplished at each of your previous positions/internships.

As an example:

From This:

  • Developing client proposals for various companies, including preliminary research and creator selection.

  • Responsible for conducting client and creator research in the US and Canada.

  • Managed the development of campaign recaps which include analyzing various aspects of each campaign including reach and impressions.

To This:

During my time at IZEA I was able to create proposals for new clients, including researching creators to be used on specific campaigns. I did research on Canadian blogs and helped to build the Canadian blogger, Instagram and Twitter base. I helped create blog/Twitter/Facebook post instructions for individual campaigns for creators, which helps the creators know what is expected of them when they generate a post. I also worked on updating some spreadsheets including the one that houses a bunch of examples of IZEA’s past campaigns and the posts that go along with them. This is a great tool for new hires at IZEA to use when they first start out.I helped generate creative ideas for new campaigns and was able to see a majority of these campaigns launch during my time at IZEA. I was also able to work on recaps for a variety of campaigns run at IZEA which exposed me to even more marketing creativity. This also helped me learn about the process and what exactly social media posts can deliver. I enjoyed seeing just how well our campaigns would do, and being able to quantify this information made it even easier to understand.

I attended various kick-off calls with my account manager, and I learned a lot about facilitating client contact and streamlining the campaign process. I have prior experience contacting clients in a summer job I did in high school/college, so I enjoyed the experience to brush up on my skills and learn from a professional in this field. I enjoyed learning more about SEO, content marketing, and social media. I think the information I gained from this internship has served me well in my future endeavors.

Number Two

LinkedIn is not like Facebook, you don't need to be as picky with your connections (friend requests). Connecting with strangers can be helpful when looking for a new career. This article highlights some great points. I'm currently connected with a lot of people in Orlando that I never met when I lived there, but they are posting about jobs daily. Connecting with strangers on LinkedIn can help you get your foot in the door with a variety of career options that might not be available to you with a simple Marketing Associate search on Connecting with recruiters is a great way to see what jobs are out there!

Number Three

Writing articles is a great way to broaden your reach on LinkedIn. I'll admit I was a bit nervous when I posted my first article, but it drew in some great results. Writing an article as a job seeker will show potential employees that you are committed to furthering your career. I'm currently using my writing skills to write articles for my company, so this skill can be reused! Write about what inspires you or what you learned in college that you want to use in your future career.

Number Four

Your summary is a place to brag!! We (especially millennials) see a lot of pushback when we brag about our accomplishments on other forms of social media. I wouldn't post on Instagram and say I helped draft 15 press releases for my company this week, but I can post that on LinkedIn. In fact, you should feel encouraged to do so. Your summary should brag about your biggest accomplishments at your internships and past positions. Explain what you are looking for and why your skills will help you in this new position. If you want to think of it like a cover letter you can, but it needs to be more engaging than your average cover letter. Mine starts out by engaging the reader:

Moving over a 1,000 miles away from home to attend college in a city where I knew not a single soul was the best decision I’ve ever made. My time in Orlando thoroughly molded my personality and my leadership skills. I’m always up for a challenge, and I love saying yes to new adventures.

It doesn't have to be boring. Check out some great LinkedIn Summary examples, here. Also, make sure to update that little section under your name to something other than Student. When I was looking for a job mine read, "Motivated College Graduate Seeking Full Time Employment in Marketing Field." Be creative! Highlight your skills if you have a particular set that sets you apart from your peers. "Recent Graduate | Professional Level Photoshop Experience | Proven Success in Fast-Paced Environment."

Number Five

I wish I didn't have to include this one but I still see this daily so I feel like it needs to be included. You picture NEEDS to be professional. Invest 10 minutes of your day into putting yourself together and standing in front of a blank wall in good light. Have a friend use their iPhone to take a photo, that's all you need. I swear mine was taken by my boss at one of my internships in 5 minutes on her iPhone. Please don't take a picture of you with someone else and crop them out. Please don't use an angled photo. Think of it as this, is spending the time to put yourself together for one picture worth it if it finds you a job? The answer better be yes!

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