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Why You Shouldn't be Using - Squarespace Tutorial

Hey! Is this just another post about a different platform I should be using instead of because you're being sponsored to post about it?

On the contrary, my friends... I have the BEST solution for you AND even if you're a little afraid of technology you can make this happen!

In case you don't know what is, " is a free tool for optimizing your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a blogger, an artist or run a content platform. You’ll get one bio link to house all the content you’re driving followers to."

Which sounds awesome, right? You can link people to a new blog & your website & your favorite marketing tools all in one place... but has one glaring limitation:The free version of offers limited branding (after all they too would like to make money) and it costs $6/month to upgrade to the version with more customization.

If you're anything like me, you enjoy saving money wherever you can. So why spend $ on when I can show you how to create a "" on your own website.

This will help users grow familiar with your URL, increasing your brand awareness, and allowing you to customize to your own brand voice and personality.

Now, I'm assuming you have access to your website and the ability to change and edit your pages. (If you don't contact me - let's change that!)

If you are working with Wix, click here.

Working in Squarespace, you're going to create a new page in the "not linked" column by clicking on the "+" and selecting "page." Give the page a title that fits with your brand, such as, Social Landing Page, Holla at Me, What I've Been Working on, or Learn More. I prefer to start with a blank page. I used the content building blocks to add a header "Welcome to MY SITE", and then used the blocks that go with my website as my "links".

Edit each block to say whatever works for you & make sure you use the links directly from your website. I suggest having one block that is a general informational directional.

After you've completed your blocks don't forget to add a image to the page's header, and make sure to change the page URL to what you'd like to put in your Instagram bio.Ideas include:

The example above is pretty basic, feel free to add additional details/photos to make your landing page come to life! I also suggest adding an about me or about the business section at the bottom of the page to give users a quick idea of who you are.

You can accomplish this same idea if you like to have your Instagram photos be the links to different pages/articles. All you need to do is insert a gallery instead of buttons. Edit each photo in the gallery to have the appropriate link and you'll be set to go! Each time you add a photo to your gallery, it will automatically be added to the grid. Be sure to check how your grid loads, sometimes new photos appear at the bottom and need to be rearranged.

Please let me know if you adopted this idea for your website, i'd love to see how you represent your brand!

Do you not have access to your websites pages? Did this tutorial lose you? Want additional help? Contact me! I'd love to help you make this idea come to life on your website.

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