How We Help

Forget stressing out over how you're presenting your business to the world, and focus on the reasons you love what you do.

Brand Optimization with a consumer focus

Let's start with an example - The Muni Lot is a Browns supporter favorite in Cleveland, but do you know why? Neither do we - must've been good marketing 😉. Similarly, you know your product is the best, but do your customers know why? Marketing is your best friend.

Enter, H Marketing - I'm here to help make sure your customer understands your business's focus. I want to make sure your marketing strategy fits your target consumer and help simplify the process along the way.

When you hire H Marketing you get the ability to ask for around the clock marketing advice as you implement new suggestions. I'll even work with your staff to gather customer feedback along the way.

Whether you’re starting your marketing journey from scratch, or already have some foundations established, I’m here to help. I share the skills to manage your marketing yourself because you know your product best!


We'll start with an introductory call to get to know you and your business and your current strategy (if you have one). 

45 minute call.


We'll do the heavy lifting and tailor a marketing plan to you and your business's needs. 

2-3 weeks together.


You take the tools that we provide to execute your new strategy.


1 month.


I'll be available anytime to answer your questions and provide guidance along the way.


Whenever you need.

The Bucket List Treatment

Your best reference is other like-minded businesses. We'll connect you with business leaders in your area looking to help you explore your specific challenges. 

Brands We Work With


The Cleveland

Bucket List


Western Reserve Distillers


Force Sports


Hope Yoga Studio